What to wear while in Cuba?!

As you probably already know – Cuba is a semitropical climate.  Translation:  It can get pretty darn hot and humid! So what should you pack if you are planning a trip to Cuba?  Part of the answer depends on what you are comfortable wearing but you should also consider wearing clothing that will keep you comfortable.  I would suggest cotton and other light fabrics when you are out and about.  But remember you will also be dinning in restaurants and paladares, visiting museums and going to other public buildings which are usually air conditioned.  So you should also bring something that you can put on to keep you warm.  You want to be stylish while in Cuba too – so what does the well dressed Cuban wear? One word – Guayabera.   A guayabera is not only very stylish but it is also very practical.  It is made of a loose-woven linen (this is for[...]CONTINUE READING

Increased Visitors To Cuba

With the new licenses created by the government last year, travel to Cuba has really exploded.  As you can guess this is mainly due to the substantial increase in traffic from the United States.  Europe and Asia have regularly been vacationing in Cuba for decades.   This sudden increase in visitors has put a tremendous strain on the resources of this Island and as you can imagine although Cuba welcomes the extra revenue it is also causing some logistical problems. One major issue is booking hotel rooms.  Hotel rooms are often 100% occupancy in peak seasons so early planning is important. Click the title to discuss! CONTINUE READING

Is it safe to travel to Cuba?

We get this question a lot. I think it stems from the fact that we haven’t been able to travel to Cuba for such a long time that people don’t know the country and they worry. The fact is Cuba has the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere. While in country we noticed a visible police presence which is specifically there to protect and help tourists. As we walked the streets of Havanna I always felt secure. We strolled through the streets at night as well and did not feel any sense of danger. That being said, no matter where you are it is always advisable to be aware of your surroundings and not take any unnecessary chances. As with any major city, be aware of your belongings.CONTINUE READING

People to People Lawyers Group to Cuba – Part 1

Our recent group of lawyers to Cuba learned a great deal about many aspects of Cuba and Cuban law.  One of the members of the trip – Richard Guerard of the firm Guerard, Kalina and Butkus noted the following: While there are similarities in the law between the United States and Cuba, there are also some significant differences.  For instance: There are no Miranda warnings given A criminal defendant cannot be prosecuted for perjury in his own defense Generally there is no plea bargaining and 95% of the cases brought are tried with a conviction rate similar to the U.S There are no juries  These are just a few of the many observations that our lawyers discovered.  Stay turn for more stories and tidbits from our travelers.CONTINUE READING