What to wear while in Cuba?!

As you probably already know – Cuba is a semitropical climate. 
Translation:  It can get pretty darn hot and humid!

So what should you pack if you are planning a trip to Cuba?  Part of the answer depends on what you are comfortable wearing but you should also consider wearing clothing that will keep you comfortable.  I would suggest cotton and other light fabrics when you are out and about.  But remember you will also be dinning in restaurants and paladares, visiting museums and going to other public buildings which are usually air conditioned.  So you should also bring something that you can put on to keep you warm. 

You want to be stylish while in Cuba too – so what does the well dressed Cuban wear?
guayaberaOne word – Guayabera.


A guayabera is not only very stylish but it is also very practical.  It is made of a loose-woven linen (this is for the keeping you cool function we spoke of earlier).  The guayabera is also a loose fitting garment for the same reason.  The bottom is straight hemmed, usually with slits on the side and don’t even think about tucking it in!! And finally, what I think is the coolest part of the guayabera, the pockets.  The shirt has four large pockets, 2 at the chest and 2 at the waist.  Giving you plenty of storage capacity, which if you like cigars and you’re in Cuba is a very, very good thing.

So before you go make sure you buy a couple of guayaberas and you will be styling.

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