Updated site! Check out our new FAQs~

We’re really excited about our upcoming trips for 2014 and want to be sure that everyone can easily navigate our site to access the information they need to be well informed.  If you’ve not strolled through our FAQs before (they used to be under the About Us section, please take a look. Did You Know…. that Americans CANNOT use credit or debit cards while in Cuba? Did You Know…. that many of the classic cars are privately owned and can be hired as taxis? Did You Know…. that you have to have a visa well in advance of arriving at the airport for your direct flight to Cuba? Yes!  There ARE direct flights from the US to Cuba… no sneaking around using Canada or Mexico for entry, when you’re traveling with us! Feed your brain with great “food” on Cuba in our FAQs~ other great trips to take after Cuba!CONTINUE READING