Publishing Notes

Publishing Notes


Cubatours4U partner Scott Schwar – New Publishings


 Ole, Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century was released 05 October 2013.  Scott was asked to write a chapter and titled it, “Ernest Hemingway: The Spark That Ignites American Aficion.”  This 432 page volume published by 4 Square Books is filled with lively articles and personal stories, contemporary, historical and dramatic photographs, artistic drawings and vibrant color.  The book will be entered into several book contests in 2014.  Fellow Cuba travelers Linda and John Tibensky and John and Carol Dudzik also contributed to this special volume which is available  through Amazon.    

Scott penned a book review of Ernest Hemingway in Context, Edited by Debra A. Moddelmog and Suzanne del Gizzo, Cambridge University Press which appeared in the fall, 2013 newsletter La Busca, (issue 2013: 2 and 3; Numbers 318 and 319, Volume L) of the Taurine Bibliophiles of America, celebrating its 50th year.   After submitting the review, Scott was delighted when the book’s editor, Suzanne del Gizzo, newly appointed editor of scholarly “Hemingway Review,”published by The Hemingway Society joined our June 2013 Cuba’s Hemingway trip and presented a paper on Hemingway and Woody Allen at the Hemingway Coloquio.     

This same fall 2013, Dining with the Day Nursery: One Hundred Recipes Celebrating One Hundred Years of Service was published by the Oak Park & River Forest Day Nursery celebrating a century of nurturing children in its historic landmark setting.   Under “Hearty Fare,” Scott’s well honed chili recipe, also known as his “green chili,” was featured as “The President’s Chili,” in honor of his wife Charlene, a longtime President of the Day Nursery who often included this dish in fundraisers.  The recipe has sections for preparing the meat, the spice, the soup, the salad and the garnish for a body warming beef, pork and bean chile.  Copies of this 118 page, photo heavy cookbook and Day Nursery history are available from the Oak Park & River Forest Day Nursery, Oak Park, Illinois. 

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