18 – 25 JUNE 2014 CUBA Trip

The 18 – 25 JUNE 2014 CUBA Trip is getting ready to depart. This U.S. licensed visit has been designed to coincide with teacher vacations for a “people to people” exchange trip that will appeal to anyone looking to experience Cuba as it deals with new economic opportunities for its citizens. Since a licensed trip to Cuba cannot be the typical Caribbean beach vacation, our travelers are ready to really get to know another society and culture. We tour the historical legacies of the country but then go the next step in meaningful structured and unstructured interaction with the people that encourages mutual understanding and insights. As a result, most of our travelers describe their tour as one of the most memorable of their travels and many describe it as the best trip they’ve experienced. Special features of this tour include:

  • Lodging in the elegant and restored Hotel Nacional, overlooking the famous Malecon seafront promenade and the Gulf of Mexico
  • Walking tour of Old Havana, witnessing the historic canon ceremony at the largest fortress in the Americas and seeing and hearing the influence of the African Santeria religion in the art and music of Cuba
  • Touring the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana’s conservatory for the arts, visiting a ballet school, attending a dance performance and visiting local art studios and community art projects including the Jose Fuster studio, a gallery representing Cuba’s finest artists and a visit to the Cuban Section of the National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Expert’s tour to Ernest Hemingway house museum and sites important in his life
  • A 2 day road trip outside Havana taking in the beautiful, natural diversity of the Cuban landscape including a visit to Cuba’s UNESCO biosphere reserve to meet with sustainable living experts and an overnight in the Pinar del Rio province, a UNESCO world cultural landscape
  • Meeting with teachers, students, entrepreneurs, athletes and professionals in site visits and meals together

I have traveled over twenty times to Cuba since May 2000 with special interest medical, cultural, religious, university, Hemingway family/foundation groups and even girls youth softball teams. Recent trips have featured bank presidents, architectural historians and legal groups including the Chicago Bar Association and the Du Page County Bar Association. All wanted to understand Cuba’s history and meet the people in today’s Cuba. I will be traveling on this trip and I look forward to making it special for you! Check out the attached itinerary and sign on today !

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