CUBA Travel Changes Bring Hope …and Confusion

Excitement projected vividly across the emails I received from Cuba the day President Obama announced new Cuba policy changes on 17 DEC 2014. Genuine joy was expressed and further confirmed when these NEW Cuban Assets Control Regulations implementing Cuba policy changes were published in the Federal Register on 16 JAN 2015. The President brought us much closer to Cuba but only Congress (per the Helms Burton Act) can end the embargo and restore full Cuba travel for tourism. The general public feeling is that everything is now open. The reality is that restrictions remain. The final answer will be in the regulation of the rules, but an upfront vision of easy travel is misleading. For example, a Chicago Tribune article (16 JAN 2015), “U.S. Eases Cuban Trade, Travel Rules” stated that the change will open the floodgates for tourists to book their own direct flights to Havana. It then went[...]CONTINUE READING