What a Cuba Tour Can Do !

Buenos Chicas and Scott, I am in the process of reconnecting with my regular life with some difficulty today. I continue to feel that something is missing…Where is the itinerary of activities, the morning hugs and smiling faces of my new friends, the “welcome drinks” mid-morning, the wonderment of new sights, the charming solicitations and brilliant smiles of Yasmani and Profy, Scott’s amicable and persistent patience moving me through the daily agenda, the humidity that set my personal record for bad hair days and compelled me to drink more water than I normally consume in a month? Gosh, you mean I have to set my own schedule today? Cook? Ambulate without the support and laughter of 10 other people? I keep wanting to look around and count 9, 10, or 11.  It was a magical and fantastical trip. Unfortunately, I lack the eloquence to tell each of you how much[...]CONTINUE READING