Cuba Tours 4 U


Cuba Tours 4 U (The Committee on Illinois, LLC) specializes in Cuba – what makes us so distinctive is our vast experience and knowledge of Cuba and the travel business.

Although individuals can now sign for their own travel licenses, U.S. travel regulations still outline travel guidelines for each of the 12 categories of travel. We can work with you to navigate the existing U.S. regulations while delivering a customized tour meeting your interests. We don’t offer just one or two set cookie cutter tours. We can customize tours, within regulations, to meet your interests.

In recent years, we have brought groups of doctors, lawyers/judges, college students, women’s softball teams, university faculty, architects, bankers/businessmen, religious congregations, scholars/researchers and individuals seeking a meaningful cultural adventure.

A future goal in Cuba is to facilitate adventure travel while respecting and appreciating the undisturbed natural landscape (due to isolation and good ecological practices) including diving on pristine reefs, fishing overlooked lakes, hiking mountain trails, biking rural roads and appreciating the bountiful bird watching opportunities.



Scott Schwarr Cuba Tours 4 U

With over 16 years traveling to Cuba, Scott Schwar is a long-time Cuba authority and enthusiast. He brings experience as Vice President Marketing of MILA Tours, a travel tour wholesaler/corporate retailer specializing in Latin American travel for over 30 years working with Latin American ground operators in each travel destination to provide group and individual travel programs for travel agency clients around the world. He also developed a group tour brand, “Ernest Hemingway Travel Destinations,” licensed by the Hemingway family to develop travel to places the author journeyed in fact or fiction. Scott served The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park for 11 years as Chairman and 5 years as Executive Director during its formative years. In a prior life, Scott was an association executive for several medical and trade groups. Scott’s passion for Cuba ensures all CT4U travelers will have an enriching experience filled with country knowledge, educational and fun people-to-people interactions, and new friendships.



Lisa Greyhill

Lisa Greyhill is an adventurer traveler, author and founding member of the Adventure Travelers Society.  Lisa brings to the relationship a world of destination experience for our Cuba travelers — with expertise in Africa, Asia, and South America for discerning and active travelers.  Lisa owns Adventure Travelers Society, Inc. and is currently an APTA (The Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa) National Board member and former regional president.